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As a dog lover, you want only the best for your faithful companion. At K9 Gold Label, we understand that. Our high-quality supplements are specially designed to support your dog’s health. Whether promoting puppy growth, supporting muscles and joints, or improving overall health, we offer top quality products that are safe for all breeds and ages.

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As a veterinarian, you are always looking for the best ways to promote the health of dogs. Our products are carefully developed by experts and we use only the best ingredients to ensure they are safe and effective. We hope we can help you provide your clients with the best possible care.

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As a passionate dog breeder, you want the best for your dogs. At K9 Gold Label, we understand that. Our high-quality supplements are specially designed for dogs of all breeds. They prevent and alleviate health problems and improve performance, including during sports activities. Our products contribute to the fertility of your dogs, crucial for successful breeding. Choose K9 Gold Label for the best care and attention for your dogs.


premium quality supplements

Our products are for dogs and cats, and we have a special line for horses.

but the workings are the same.

Before anything else, it is the best welfare for your animal, You will be amazed at the results. All K9 Gold Label products can be used long-term with no adverse side effects on the body.

priority 500gr
Complete well-being
bcaas pot 200gr
Muscles dogs
flex joints pot 250gr
Joints dogs
electrolyte pot 250 gr
Recovery dogs
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What our customers say

Find out what our valued customers are saying! Read some testimonials below about K9 Gold Label’s products and how they have improved the lives of dogs and their owners.

Binky is now 5 years old and is suffering from a hernia. walking was difficult and it was too pathetic to see, an acquaintance said I should try Muscle Performance because he had heard good stories about it. Well it seems like miracle stuff. within 14 days our stud was walking around happily again as if nothing had happened. Of course the hernia is not going away, but the muscle development is relieving his back so he has no pain, great right ? I'm super happy with it and Binky all the way and that's what we do it for anyway.

Binky de Teckel
Binky the dachshund
thea from wormerveer

Berners are large and relatively heavy dogs and certainly not "greyhound" dogs. But if they start behaving as such, things can go wrong. My Berner girl, Shaffy, is now 6 years old. When she goes to play with her friends (two Irish Setters) on Saturdays, she runs after them as if she thinks she is a greyhound. Read the full story by clicking on Shaffy's name.... click.

My labrador of 9 years old suffers from osteoarthritis, already used several remedies from the DA but nothing that I can say that my dog benefits from, I got a tip about the Muscle & Performance from K9 Gold Label and I really saw improvement after 1 week already, now for several months with them food and me dog feels happy and plays nicely with other dogs again, I am super satisfied with this product.

Brenda with the labrador

I came across Muscle Performance by chance at a competition where there was a stand from K9 Gold Label, I was given good advice and explanations about the product. Before I used the product, Guus (hunting dog) was always tired pretty quickly, He gave so much energy in the morning that he would rather spend the afternoon sleeping than hunting. After using the supplement for a month, I saw improvement in his condition every week but also in his recovery, He became sharper and alert, and is now at the end of the day the fittest of everyone, and !!! Guus loves it.

Guus de pointer
Guus the pointer
by harry

about us

Founded by Walter Sterk, International experience with working and sporting dogs at the highest level,

nutrition, training and physical balance are the starting point for your animal’s well-being. 

With more than 30 years of experience, Walter has used his knowledge and expertise to create products,

with which he can get the most out of each dog or horse’s well-being/training. 

We are a supplement brand for animals that uses only the best ingredients and combines this with scientific research, Our formulas are proven for results that make a difference. All our products are of the highest quality with the best effect.

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