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She obviously can’t keep up with those two fast, slender boys and runs herself over. Eventually the three of them lie on the ground rolling, growling and playfully biting at each other….really great fun…also to watch……but…..

But at the end of the day, when she jumps out of the car tired and fulfilled, she does limp. Until recently that was one day, but now it takes at least a week. And last time she kept limping a bit even after taking it easy for a week (and thus skipping her playday). Something had to be done!

From a good acquaintance, I heard about K9goldlabel. She gives it to her Bordeaux dog who is already elderly and also has movement problems. She was very satisfied and had already recommended it to others who all report positive results as well.

Given all these positive reports, I thought it would be good to start using this for Shaffy as well. However there was still and additional problem, because Shaffy has Inflamatory Bowel Desease (IBD aka IBS).

Shaffy De Berner Sennenhond

That is, she has no or poor tolerance for most animal proteins. So I contacted K9goldlabel to ask for advice. They recommended Flex Joint to me because the protein there comes from seafood and there is a greater chance she will tolerate it. And should that go well BCAAs, though with possibly “tricky” proteins for her. To support her intestines Aqua Kefir.

I started using this and very satisfied with the results. She only needs to use very little (I think I can do months with the jars; it also comes with a handy measuring spoon!) and therefore it also puts minimal strain on her intestinal system. I have not noticed any deterioration in her stools. I started with the Flex Joint and Aqua Kefir and when that went well expanded this to include the BCAAs. After about a week and a half, I saw results. After two weeks she didn’t seem to limp anymore and now and just under a week later I can see that she is having a lot more fun; she is hopping again, standing and wanting to run again!

I never thought that such a small amount of powder could have such great results. I am very satisfied with the product and can wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone. And not only a great product, but also the people behind the product because two weeks after our email exchange they asked me how Shaffy was doing….that’s what I call commitment! Great class! So K9goldlabel gets a big 10 from me!  

Shaffy and Jos from Voorthuizen

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